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272- “Ego”

Friday, October 25th, 2019

By Hetty Gray


October 26, 2019


No, not the eccentric, self-absorbed food critic in Disney’s “Rattatoile,” — not even close. The slow creep of secularism is smoldering and threatens to explode much as the forest fires in California. The core may be a bit more common between the two. More than one would think….

While the State of California has consistently ignored accepted and tested methods of forest management, educators nationwide have ignored the accepted and trusted values of the nation. Instead of instilling respect and love of country in their young charges, they have, instead, seeded a fomenting animosity and is downright scary. They are much more interested in teaching elements of sexual identity and climate change than preparing youngsters to handle money wisely and to hail the U. S. Constitution for the priceless document it is.

Not only are a great number of our young people ignorant of their own history, but they are also hampered by a lack of discipline. Bad behavior once had consequences. Not so in many cases today. In fact, the latest threat to launch a massive march in Washington, D.C. brings to mind scenes from socialist countries of South America.

Perhaps hampered is not the right word. How about threatened? Yes, threatened. If one is unaware of a risk, unrecognized, the result is dismal at the least. We live in a nation founded on the rule of law. Yet, laws are consistently overturned by individual activist judges — a practice that flies in the face of truth. Oh, yes, truth. Many of us have abandoned that, too.

Once school days opened with prayer. Baccalaureate celebrations held ahead of high school graduations were more often than not held in a church. Egad? A church? Shocking! Well, not to those of us in the senior citizen group, but certainly to a wide swath of Americans today.

My assessment is that when our federal government caved to athiests and removed God from our schools, Satan gleefully skipped in the front door to issue an influence that spawned disrespect of teachers, administrators, and fellow students. My, that’s a nice recipe for us, isn’t it? God Bless America” is not simply a song title or a sentiment. It is a truth embodied in American history.

Most of us equate the characteristic of “ego” to one of pompousness and self-engrandisement. However, there is a much more perilous movement at work. E – G – O…

When a nation seeks to remove God from the public square and the public school, it risks annihilation. “I do not state this idly. There is ample Biblical evidence for this. Oh, the nay-sayers will claim that faith in God is groundless. Tell that to Sodom and Gomorrah. Lest we repeat that judgment, we need to turn back to God and seek his guidance. His forgiveness is guaranteed, but our actions are not. Think about it.

270 “Coup…”

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

By Hetty Gray

# 270 October 15, 2019


I find myself astonished at the current happenings in the U. S. House of Representatives. The one aspect of our elections that sets them apart from any other country in the world is, and has always been, our peaceful transition of power. This is especially germane today with focus on the Presidential Election of 2016.

Every voter makes a decision. Someone wins. Someone loses. Life returns to normal and government either continues its already set course for a second term or forms anew. In a time-tested pattern, the losing party tends to lick its wounds and see how it might do better in another four years; but that is the usual, logical pattern —- at least one that has held for over 200+ years. We certainly don’t see that today. The raw hatred and vitriol we witness now is not only unprecedented and incredibly juvenile, but also warps our image worldwide.

Like many others who look back on the 2008 election, I did not vote for Barack Obama. Yet, I prayed for his and his family’s safety and went about my life staying as informed as possible with regards to national and world affairs.
I would never have conceived that the Republican Party would launch an attack on his office or him as a person. And, true to form for Republicans, that did not happen. Sadly, those who persist in dividing Americans would quip that any criticism of our first black president would be rooted in racism. How shallow a position that is. And what a convenient, certain way to thwart honest criticism. Fear of censure is powerful.

How much further does this ridiculous spiral of correctness have to go before it crashes and burns? I wish I knew. News coverage has been a big part of my life and I lament the bias of the national media. It’s as if they have actually become an arm of the Democratic Party. How incredibly sad….

In growing numbers, today’s children are taught that everybody wins. Not so. Not ever in history has that been so. Learning to lose is part of life. It boggles the mind to conceive how these youngsters will be able to handle real trouble. Without learning the truth, real life will be a real shock.

Impeachment is rare. When it was Andrew Johnson, Abraham Lincoln’s successor, the action was petty —— initiated by someone upset with a cabinet appointment. In the case of presidential appointments, the mainstream media today would have you think that this president’s freedom to choose is automatically irrational and tantamount to treason.

Somehow, they must think that we aren’t paying attention. The American people have witnessed the double standard between the parties whether it be charges of sexual misconduct or other slips of character. If Democrats do it, it’s always justified or ignored. If Republicans do it, woe be it to them!

Both the impeachment of Richard Nixon and of Bill Clinton were undertaken according to long-standing rules. The House took a vote, and the charged party was allowed to present a defense. Today, Democrats are doing everything to deny President Trump a defense.

The really disturbing aspect to this is echoes an admonition I gave to my college students over twenty-five years ago. “It is not the elected portions of the federal government you fear. Instead, it is the underlying bureaucracy. These folks look at all elected officials — even the president — as ‘part time help.’ Why? Because they go on forever. They remain in their positions and wield influence no matter who is elected.” We see the fruits of their under-the-radar workings now as leaks come from such employees in an effort to impeach a duly elected president.

And the impeachment news? It is nothing short of trial by press —- and by a a press completely absorbed in their penchant for vengeance. Yes, vengeance. Their cohorts in the DNC convinced them that their candidate would win in 2016. It didn’t happen. Now the tack seems to be to whip up the thought that more and more Americans favor impeachment. This brings to mind a tenet I learned in a polling class in a Ph.D. program at Indiana University. Polls are only as good as the sample and can vary widely in answers because of the content of the questions. In short, you can get the answer you want by couching the question in your favor.

And so, in a push to overturn what they call an “illegitimate election,” Democrats continue to plod forward (led by such stellar players as Adam Schiff) to throw out the votes of millions of Americans who recognized that a successful businessman was a much better choice than a politician.

Oops, boys and girls. Your cause is lame and unsubstantiated. (Note that I used those salutations deliberately. Adult terms, men and women, denote honor and integrity.) Democrats display none of either. They insult the intelligence of the American voter. Instead of putting forth policy, they rely on their zeal and venomous rhetoric to sway solely by accusation. It reminds me of the old joke from law school: “When did you stop beating your wife?” Once a public accusation is made, the accuser achieves the end — forget about the honesty of the means.

As a government and history teacher, I tried to instill my students (both high school and collegiate) with confidence in our form of government. I shudder to think how I would begin to explain today’s happenings, because they defy common sense. Give me air….

Because the current push for impeachment doubles my anger — and that of most of you, I don’t end with simply the title of “coup.” Instead, I repeat the term and take a bit of license these House of Representatives’ to describe the machinations undertaken by the Democrats. Abandoning the classic term for a takeover, I take a bit of license and use a familiar term. I double the sound of the term and offer this one: “Cuckoo.” ‘Kinda makes you wonder what face will emerge from that clock when it whines on the quarter hour. It wouldn’t chime. Chime smiles. I haven’t seen a smiling Democrat in years. They are far too angry to smile.

May the clock continue to tick on these blokes and show them for precisely what they are: poor losers vowing to use every possible degree of dishonesty and subterfuge to attack and destroy a man who is unapologetic for his faith in God and his love for the United States of America and a deep affection for the working American.

If you’re tired of all this childish behavior in D.C., contact your Congressional delegations (House and Senate) and let them know. They work for you. It’s time to put an end to this.

I pray every night for the Lord to protect President Trump and to give him courage to face the next day. I am sure that I am not alone. Will you join me?