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263 “What’s next?”

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

By Hetty Gray

# 263

February 19, 2019

“What’s next?”

Sometimes I imagine TV legend Rod Serling chuckling at current events. His inventive themes for “Twilight Zone” kept viewers glued to their television sets for the entire run of his show. Reruns continue to air the series for yet another generation. True to his plan, the last scene of every episode came as a surprise — and often — a shock.

Plots dreamed up by this television luminary were successful because, despite their plots, they came across as credible. Sadly, credibility is widely absent among our broadcast media today, in both entertainment and news genres. Coupled with patriotism, credibility stands as the sturdy backbone of a free nation. Trust is golden. Without it, a people operate in informational dark. Without trust, we are all at risk. With this in mind, you have reason to be fearful for the future.

Records show that several US presidents saw fit to deport illegals, but the public welcomed those actions. They were aimed at employing American workers and returning veterans— both sensible and necessary. What has changed is the pervasive attitude of the left today. They continue to work and curry favor among the uneducated, unskilled illegals they seek to admit without restriction. Why? The do it in order to build their voting base. To say that the majority of Americans are angry over this is to understate.

The silent majority is more than a moniker. It is true. Why silent? With the exception of a few networks, news reporters have morphed into news “makers.” Even if it didn’t happen, it COULD have. Sound familiar? I can’t begin to explain my consternation at the spread of this dark journalism. Once, journalism was the voice to disseminate factual information to all the people. Now, to the consternation of a large majority of the population, they push an agenda with little concern for the facts. Opinion rules.

I use the term “dark,” because it fits. Truth shines in the light of day. Lies cannot survive the spotlight of scrutiny. Light exposes disingenuousness. How would you categorize a media that is hell bent on destroying free speech? I see it as an outgrowth of a stilted educational system that engenders “purpose” in its students instead of encouraging inquiry and research. If you disagree with their point of view, you are in their crosshairs.

Textbook editors have corrupted any thought of honesty. Even World War I and World War II are given little space and biased commentary rules. Tell that to the families of American soldiers who gave their lives to fight evil. Several years ago I found a copy of a book of black and white photographs taken when the Allied troops liberated the Nazi concentration camps. I had looked for years and managed to find it in a small bookshop in Nottingham, England. Nothing retouched. Shocking? Yes, but true. Turning the pages, the reader sees up close and personal the unspeakable horror inflicted by people in power — heart stopping pictures of man’s inhumanity to man.

Germany’s Nazis were socialists. Russians were, and are, communists. Neither form of government respects human life. Stalin killed millions. The people never knew. They revered him. They respected him. They, like lies, were in the dark. Today, we have those on the left slinging the name “Nazi” against our president. Nothing is further from the truth.

Now, thanks to liberal faculties of countless centers of higher (?) education across this nation, we witness a younger set that embraces the “free to everybody” spiel thrown out by those pushing socialism. Warning, they lie.

I really worry about this. The inculcation of this political view is not only dangerous, but it is also fatal to a free people. Ever wonder why the most important strides were made during hard times? People who made their way West didn’t worry about entertainment. The men and women who toiled to clear the land and till the soil sustain their families didn’t worry about what they were going to do on the weekend. They didn’t worry about free time; they worried about survival. World War I, the Depression and World War II produced a people who worked hard, went to church on Sunday (no children’s sports on Sunday), and respected the law. My parents’ generation….

Oh, we’ve always had criminals. However, I must comment that crime in days past earned an offender swift judgment and no “cushy” atmosphere in jails and prisons. But, we’ll leave that subject for another column….

The old Biblical quote that “of whom much is given much is expected” more than applied to those hardy folks who pushed this nation to greatness from the Revolutionary War to the landing on the moon. Americans have always been given the freedom to dream, to work, to succeed…. And dream, we did, work we did, and succeed we did.

Americans fight for the underdog. Now, to my disgust, I find that those of us who hold fast to the tenets of this nation that propelled us to the envy of the world are now in the crosshairs of a group who do nothing but whine and cry about the slightest affront. Good grief, people! Get a life! Don’t imperil mine! Don’t risk generations yet unborn.

Even unions are falling prey to a lax work ethic. Recently, we listened as a shop foreman recounted his disgust that the unions “hand out cards” to young workers with virtually no experience. Why they have abandoned the long-adopted practice of moving up through the ranks is beyond understanding. The time honored practice of working from apprentice to journeyman is melting away quicker than a Popsicle on the sidewalk in July.

Why? Why aren’t bosses demanding performance? If you can answer that, you will find yourself in demand in every factory imaginable from coast to coast. The old efficiency experts need to spawn into a new group: work ethic consultants.

If you think that you’ve seen it all when the likes of OAC and her ilk spout out garbage daily, if you think it cannot get any more bizarre than open borders policy, maybe you should remember words made famous by the first man in talking pictures. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

If those words don’t spur you to work toward the 2020 Presidential election, nothin’ will. Think about it.