272- “Ego”

By Hetty Gray


October 26, 2019


No, not the eccentric, self-absorbed food critic in Disney’s “Rattatoile,” — not even close. The slow creep of secularism is smoldering and threatens to explode much as the forest fires in California. The core may be a bit more common between the two. More than one would think….

While the State of California has consistently ignored accepted and tested methods of forest management, educators nationwide have ignored the accepted and trusted values of the nation. Instead of instilling respect and love of country in their young charges, they have, instead, seeded a fomenting animosity and is downright scary. They are much more interested in teaching elements of sexual identity and climate change than preparing youngsters to handle money wisely and to hail the U. S. Constitution for the priceless document it is.

Not only are a great number of our young people ignorant of their own history, but they are also hampered by a lack of discipline. Bad behavior once had consequences. Not so in many cases today. In fact, the latest threat to launch a massive march in Washington, D.C. brings to mind scenes from socialist countries of South America.

Perhaps hampered is not the right word. How about threatened? Yes, threatened. If one is unaware of a risk, unrecognized, the result is dismal at the least. We live in a nation founded on the rule of law. Yet, laws are consistently overturned by individual activist judges — a practice that flies in the face of truth. Oh, yes, truth. Many of us have abandoned that, too.

Once school days opened with prayer. Baccalaureate celebrations held ahead of high school graduations were more often than not held in a church. Egad? A church? Shocking! Well, not to those of us in the senior citizen group, but certainly to a wide swath of Americans today.

My assessment is that when our federal government caved to athiests and removed God from our schools, Satan gleefully skipped in the front door to issue an influence that spawned disrespect of teachers, administrators, and fellow students. My, that’s a nice recipe for us, isn’t it? God Bless America” is not simply a song title or a sentiment. It is a truth embodied in American history.

Most of us equate the characteristic of “ego” to one of pompousness and self-engrandisement. However, there is a much more perilous movement at work. E – G – O…

When a nation seeks to remove God from the public square and the public school, it risks annihilation. “I do not state this idly. There is ample Biblical evidence for this. Oh, the nay-sayers will claim that faith in God is groundless. Tell that to Sodom and Gomorrah. Lest we repeat that judgment, we need to turn back to God and seek his guidance. His forgiveness is guaranteed, but our actions are not. Think about it.

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