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279 ” The 5 Ws”

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

By Hetty Gray

# 279

April 16, 2020

It’s been a long time since a month (actually tomorrow) separated two consecutive columns. I have been reticent to write about the current virus problem due to the ever-changing data and reports from around the nation and the world.

I harbor my own suspicions. If I had written my thoughts at the beginning of this fiasco, I would have been well ahead of the curve, but I waited to do so, nonetheless.

I harken back to two columns that I wrote over 15 years ago. Three presidents ago. I wrote that moving production of essential materials overseas was bad enough but doing so in a notably Communist country amounted to nothing less than stupidity. Our compounds for pain killers and antibiotics certainly fall into that category.

The second column was titled “the eye of the Tiger,” in which I cautioned that America was feeding the Tiger (China)” that would one day attempt to eat it. Electronics and pharmaceuticals are at the heart of this problem. Forget about the Christmas trees and all the small items that come from China. Textiles, glassware, small appliances — the list goes on and on and on…. Do those cheap prices make you feel any better today, knowing what China is capable of doing to us all?

Hmmmm…. How did that all that offshore production work out for you, folks? Cheaper is not necessarily better. The cost of obtaining cheaper goods from a Communist country is not only dangerous, it is idiocy. I wonder just how much input the Business Round Table and Wall Street had in all this mess.

Well, now — beyond the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” — I believe this virus is far more than coincidence. I am a firm believer that very little that happens in this world can be solidly attributed to coincidence. There is an ugly plan afoot and it is to take down the United States of America short of any military action. So far, it’s been working pretty well, for China.

Recently a friend sent me Bill O’Reilly’s piece on COVID-19. He was not only on the mark, but also echoed everything my husband and I have discussed since the onslaught of the disease. Coupled with the disturbing attacks on faith, it warrants a deeper look at the look of the proposed plans of the Democrats in this country. I doubt that FDR or Truman would recognize the party they espoused from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Socialist is a mild term for DNC positions today. Their comments are more Communist than Socialist. They believe in “helping” the American worker by inserting government into business. Oh? How is that going with the Post Office? This is not new. They put down religion at every opportunity. Even the New York City mayor cited a “charity” hospital in Central Park. It was built by Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse. Oops. Religion helping. Can’t have that in the press, can we DeBlasio?

Consider the Obama comment that people “cling to their guns and religion.” Really? There is a reason for both. We know it. We feel it in our bones. We are Americans. We don’t take lightly to folks stepping on our basic rights and decrying the importance of God in our lives. If I remember correctly, Obama lived in Washington, D.C. for eight years and couldn’t find a church. How interesting. Ronald Reagan went to church every Sunday, as did many other presidents. Yet, the left leaning Obama, just couldn’t find a place to go….

Our First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion. Are you aware of how China deals with Christianity? Stomped out at every opportunity pretty much describes it. Although most countries that mimic the Communist attitudes of China seem to have escaped this pandemic, one notable exception is Iran.

That should be no surprise. Iran also espouses a higher power. Nothing threatens a Communist government more than people who believe in God. God is the sole power that Communists fear. President Trump has, from the “get go,” unabashedly referred to our Creator. That makes a Communist shake in his boots. Take note, Russia, North Korea and China and cohorts.

And cling to guns? The Second Amendment affords every American to defend person and property. It’s quite understandable since America’s founding came in response to the harsh moves of the British. Better be an alarmed public than a disarmed public.

Looking back through world history, I sympathize with the people of both Russia and China. Brute force and no choice yield a truly horrible life.

And COVID-19. We know where it originated. China. Those who warned of its contagion were either eliminated or silenced. Why? Surely pride does not explain it. Then there is the WHO. How apt, those letters. It reminds me of the 5 Ws of journalism (grossly ignored by the mainstream media).


Well, we know who: The Chinese (with the WHO covering for them)
We know the what: COVID-19.
We presume the When: late 2019.
We know the where: Wuhan, China.

Why? I have my own suspicions. Mine are closely paired with those of Bill O’Reilly. China’s economy was struggling as the American economy was growing by leaps and bounds. It couldn’t beat America in the business world. It couldn’t threaten militarily — at least not at this point — so it had to find another way, if only from an unexpected opportunity. Shut America down. Now, just what would do that?

Business as usual has been, for more than four decades, in favor of China. Deemed a developing country, our government officials let them hold sway in trade.

Then, in 2016, we elected a president willing and able to negotiate with the American worker and consumer in mind: Donald J. Trump.

Is it any wonder that the Pelosi Democrats are eager to boot Trump from office? Not if you consider what they would have America be. Open borders. Sanctuary cities who make their own laws and loose criminals into their cities with no deportation. A widespread welfare state with huge numbers of Americans dependent of the government.

And then there is faith.

Pelosi claims to be a devout Catholic. Well, her support of abortion flies in the face of that of “the Church.” It’s no surprise to me that she flies home every weekend. If she is indeed a follower of the Vatican and the Catholic church, she must have a reserved seat in the confessional. It would take all weekend to appeal to God via her priest to be forgiven for all she had accomplished, or all she tried to accomplish while in Congress the previous week.

Her self-effacing comments and “holier than thou” attitude pose an affront to those who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are founded on all three. Yet….

Abortion destroys a life. (A woman’s right to choose? Choose to kill a baby? Right….)
Liberty lives when laws are obeyed. (Sanctuary cities?)
Happiness dies without life and liberty. (Government’s nose in everything.)

We will reopen this country. The American people will resolve to do it and do it swiftly. We will bounce back, much to the chagrin of the scheming Chinese. Wonder what they will pull out of their trick bag next?

Then, there is the scene here at home. Watch to see how Democrats react. Undoubtedly, their far-left wish list will be woven carefully into any further money requested to help each of us survive. I can hardly wait to see what might be next. What a bunch of idiots. Sadly, hatred is a powerful tool. If they cannot get their own, way, they throw tantrums, epithets, scream racism, sexism, and xenophobia. They are so dumb they cannot get out of their own way. The sad thing is that so many uninformed Americans just follow their lead.

Listen carefully to what they accuse Trump of having done. Take each criticism apart and you will see that that which they accuse him of doing is precisely what they do every day.

At the core, we have a choice. The push for Voter ID is a no brainer. There is no easier way to cheat in an election than to do otherwise. The sudden appearance of “lost ballots” or last- minute absentee ballots in a close election always seem to fall to one side of the equation. And it’s not to the advantage of Republicans… And accusations of voter suppression only mimic the tone of “under served” and “people of color.” I don’t judge people that way.

Take a good look at cities run by Democrats. They are in debt, have high crime rates and their inner cities are dismal. They claim to work on behalf of the inner-city people, yet conditions were really better before integration when business owners and professionals were familiar faces. Not that segregation was a good thing. It was not. Yet, the Democrats have injected polished victimization into an ugly art form. There are countless stories of achievement by minorities — Dr. Benjamin Carson for one.

Thus far, we have triumphed over trouble. We will do no less now.

We are fighting the good fight. We are following the guidelines. We are up to the fight, too. Now, it is our duty to stand alongside our neighbors and continue to show China that just because it could not defeat us economically, it cannot defeat us by exporting a virus.

China knew that the virus was communicable human to human, yet it allowed its airports to remain open and allowed thousands of people from Wuhan to fly to countries around the
world. Isn’t it odd that Shanghai and Beijing were not overrun with the virus?

With populations comparable in density to New York City, these metropolitan areas have not suffered nearly as much as our Big Apple.

Short of accurate, truthful (mindful of that word’s importance) data from China on their rates of infection, positive cases, numbers of deaths, we are — in large part — in the dark.

Will we ever be able to prove what many think, that this pandemic was loosed on the world to, as O’Reilly quipped, “even the playing field?” Even if it was an accidental security lapse in a Wuhan research lab, the Chinese did not alert the world and close Wuhan to contain the virus.
They allowed it to spread and kill.

Explain that to the hundreds of thousands of families who lost loved ones to this pandemic.