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241- “Freedom of Speech – Collegiate Edition”

Friday, April 28th, 2017

By Hetty Gray

# 241 – April 27, 2017

“Freedom of Speech – Collegiate Edition”

Anne Coulter was to have spoken this evening at UC Berkeley. Once the bastion of all free speech, the assembly of students who throw bottles, set fires, and attack those of different persuasions is at it yet again.

This is not new — the sanctimonious venom of the left, but it has reached a point where no thinking (consider that adjective) American can turn away from its consequences.

Once spring was the harbinger of flowers and love. However, despite that reputation, it is engendering angst among those of us who cherish the freedoms afforded us by our beloved U.S. Constitution. And, in my opinion, this disgusting theme serves higher education right.

I am a proud and loyal alumna of Butler University. For years, I was a regular donor, but that ended on April 6, 2007, when noted speaker David Horowitz was hit with a pie thrown by a Butler University student. In response, Horowitz wanted the student expelled, but that never happened. That ended my financial support of a school I revere to this day.

Horowitz grew up the son of Communist parents. Over time, he saw communism and socialism for what it was and morphed into the passionate conservative we hear today. He founded Students for Academic Freedom, a nation-wide coalition of student groups dedicated to promoting intellectual diversity and academic freedom at America’s colleges and universities. He speaks widely and has appeared before student audiences at 150 colleges and universities.

When I first went to college at age 16, there was a smattering of leftist professors. Over the past fifty years the scales tilted to the point that a conservative faculty member is as rare as a July iceberg on the sidewalk in Phoenix.
College, in my view, should be a place where faculty leads students to discuss and debate different points of view. The students, in response, come to their own conclusions — often learning a lot in the process.

This, sadly, is not the case today. We have come to the point where young people who are old enough to act like adults need a “safe space” to protect them from those who do not agree with them.

Yikes! I hope the nation never needs to call upon these wussies to step up to fight for the freedom that they so cavalierly flaunt. Evidently, throwing Molotov cocktails and zealously beating supporters of our president is their new normal.

God help us. Oh, I forgot, most of them lack God in their lives, too. After all, faith and religion are crutches — along with weapons for personal protection. We not see these thugs using social media to threaten anyone of opposing viewpoints.

And, the law enforcement in Berkeley? It claims it cannot protect a speaker like Anne Coulter. With no protection for freedom of speech, America is lost. Yet it is reminiscent of 1930s Germany when similar bands of thugs held sway and gave rise to fascism at its worst.

Unless and until this intolerant atmosphere ends, lost our freedom of speech is lost. Instead, we launch “freedom to screech.” If you love this country, you need to take this seriously. This is dangerous.

Think about it. Better than that? Do something about it. Demand that colleges and universities decry, condemn, and punish those under their supervision who act more like criminals than students. Fascists are dangerous.

And what about guidance at the highest level? CBN News reports as follows: Members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet gather for prayer weekly. Vice President Mike Pence and eight cabinet secretaries sponsor the sessions, which occur weekly in Washington.

It’s led by the founder of Capitol Ministries, Ralph Drollinger, who started working on arranging the Bible study during the Trump team’s transition to the White House.
Sponsors include Vice President Pence; Secretaries Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Sonny Perdue, Rick Perry, Tom Price and Jeff Sessions; EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.
These are some of the most influential people in the U.S. government gathering weekly to grow themselves spiritually.

Like Nationwide Insurance claims in their ads, you are in good hands.

240 “Um … er…”

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

By Hetty Gray

# 240

April 3, 2017

“Um…. Er…”

Ah, yes, the sounds of linguistic hesitation. You, no doubt, recall the adage, “He who hesitates is lost.” Well, it doesn’t take much more than looking back on the last eight years to see how that works at the federal level of our government. Base line? That tenure was a lost cause. And we are the worse for it in so many ways.

Let’s review how hesitation paints a clear picture of the eight tumultuous years that ended — thankfully — on January 20th of this year: Hesitation to be proud of one’s country… hesitation to support law enforcement… hesitation to stand back until facts are known before commenting on national media… hesitation to name an enemy… hesitation to call to account departments that act as rogues and target Americans who share opposing views to those of the governing administration… hesitation to crack down on facilities and personnel charged with caring for our veterans… hesitation to criticize splinter groups who use violence as a public relations tool and pit themselves against the wider society… hesitation to govern with an even hand…. No hesitation to take a personally biased viewpoint despite the topic.

Recognize the person at the helm? I am sure that you do.

Hesitation is much more than a pause, and its seminal sounds of “um” and “er” surface frequently in political speak. We’ve heard them. What’s more, most, if not all, of us have uttered them ourselves.

However, two other letter pairs need to be faced with good old-fashioned common sense. They total just four letters, yet those four characters have put us at risk perhaps more than any others in my memory. And I’m no spring chicken, folks! Let me put them forth and then offer my take on their application: “il” and “un.”

Do something illegal and it’s a hefty fine or jail. The bottom line is something is either legal or it is not. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” sure rings hollow today.
Now, let’s get to the second pair: “un.”

If I am unfit, I cannot get a job. If I am under water, I’m either drowning or deeply in debt. But if I am undocumented, I am in real trouble. Do I cite the immigration here? Not necessarily, but I do think you can see where this leads as I go along.

If I am an undocumented driver, I go to jail. If I am an undocumented teacher, I lose my job and could face legal consequences. God forbid if I am an undocumented professional.

Face it. Would you go to an undocumented physician? Dentist? Lawyer? . Hardly. Yet the bleeding hearts on the left try to put a guilt trip on those of us who see undocumented as a bland term that softens the real name: illegal.

Nomenclature aside. Illegal is illegal. California finds itself in dire financial straits these days and — to a great degree — the blame can go to the high cost of illegals among its populace.

Oh, they cry foul when someone says that, but look at how bad things are in the hospitals. No money. No problem. No payment? Big problem. Get it?

We are a nation blended into one from among many nationalities, but those who came and built this grand experiment in democracy and freedom came with their work gloves on and ready to work. They did not ask the government to take care of them. They struggled to learn English as quickly as possible because they knew that their success would depend on how well they could integrate their families into the America they saw as their future.

When a country has no border, it ceases to be a country. Borders, like doors, are security. If walls don’t work, take down the one at the White House. How about the one at the Vatican? Before Israel built its wall, suicide bombers numbered in the thousands. After the wall? Zero. Walls work. The only manmade structure visible from outer space is the Great Wall of China.

The wall promised by President Trump won’t take centuries to build. His wall will work. He owes us security and he vows to give it to us. Amen to that, brothers and sisters!

I have lost all patience in people making excuses for why others should not have to obey our laws. Enclaves sheltering illegals, some heinous criminals, are an anathema to me. They should not exist in a nation ruled by law. But they do. It’s time to call a halt to inane behavior among those whose chronological age should make them adults.

I don’t know about you, but I did not vote for Kindergarten. I voted for the Wharton School of Business. I am “ILL-tempered” these days. What’s more, I am UNhappy with things as they are going right now. Are YOU?

Think about it.