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193 “Red”

Friday, August 8th, 2014

By Hetty Gray


July 8, 2014


I love red —- the color, that is. Red is a strong color. It anchors the brilliant white stripes in our flag and beautifully contrasts the blue field of shining stars in the corner of our beloved banner. However, other types of red have us “seeing red” and wondering if there will ever be an uptick to our human condition here in the United States. I would have said “within our borders”, but since we don’t really have sovereign, defended borders, that quip will bite the dust quicker than a tumbleweed in a west Texas windstorm.

Once upon a time, an American president claimed to draw a “red line” in Syria over its caches of chemical weapons. When they ignored his threat, the consequences were nonexistent. Why? He did nothing.

In the past our government has operated in the red, but not to a degree that endangers every American adult’s financial security and every young American’s career dreams. Yes, presidents (both Republican and Democrat) increased our debt, but never to the extent of the current occupant on the Oval Office. We are not only adrift in red ink, we are- — to a person — drowning in it.

And now for the other red, the Communist “Red”, the red that Joseph McCarthy railed against. Yes, he was fearless and caustic, but in many ways he was right. There is a “red menace” and its goals become clearer as you read this column.

Only an uninformed, uneducated population is at the mercy of its leader or leaders. When our media debase this nation’s basic values, when “educators” edit our children’s textbooks, and when TV and radio air clearly biased news reports or — most dangerous of all — omit news that does not fit a liberal broadcaster’s agenda, we place ourselves not only in harm’s way, but trussed to the tracks with a freight train barreling toward us at high speed.

Diversity is wonderful when viewed in terms of thought and opinion, but diversity taken to the extreme is more than dangerous, it is deadly. I recently read several articles on how schools discipline administrators for programs aimed at polishing English speaking and writing skills in our children. If you don’t think this happens, consider the fate of Texas Middle School Principal Amy Lacey in Hempstead, a Houston suburb. Her contract was not renewed. Why? She encouraged her students to speak English in the classroom so they would have a better chance at succeeding in life. Please, give me air.

If your family moved to Spain or France, do you think the educational system there would allow your child to speak English in the classroom? Hardly. Unless, and until, great numbers of Americans speak out about this, this nonsensical, “politically correct” behavior will continue. Why should those who push this disgusting policy change if the people do not rise to oppose them?

There is a big difference between exposure and immersion. Merely exposing a child to a new language is useless. Immersing that child in the new language works best. Yes, it is hard. However, ask this question? Is the opportunity to live in this nation worth the effort? The answer: Absolutely.

The tail is wagging the dog and the poor dog (America) is nearly on her knees. The whole situation makes me see red! I see red lines ignored, red ink drowning the hopes and dreams of my grandchildren, and a red threat in Putin that reeks of despotism at its greatest.

Why should the schools change if parents don’t object and local governments don’t get involved? Our national debt will continue to spiral upward unless we sidestep the pork at the federal level and pay for our services at the local level.

Russia is on the march and may invade Ukraine and take over a sovereign nation. It is sad that Ukraine did not join the EU, but it did not. Can we leave the Ukraine hung out to dry? Can NATO do nothing? Why should Putin stop? Talk is cheap, and talk is all we are hearing these days.

Getting back to red, Old Glory flies in peril today. Dangerous reds come first — the ink (debt) and the threat (Putin). The blues deepen as our beloved country crumbles before our eyes. Finally, we turn ghostly white to find that we are not dreaming, but relegated to being subject to a corrupt system that milks us of every possible dollar, ignores our heritage and faith-based values, and dooms us to the dismal status of far too many countries across the globe: broke and broken.

It’s that old country lyric again, “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” Hmmmmm…..

Get involved. Make your voice heard. Letters, emails and calls need to flood the offices of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. Stop incessant spending. Eliminate the Department of Education. Take action against Russia. So long as Putin and his cohorts have their own way, the spread of Communism will once again threaten to march across Europe. We have always stood for freedom. We need to do it again.

Flood the switchboards in our nation’s capital. How long will you stay silent?