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178 – The New “WWW”

Friday, February 14th, 2014

By Hetty Gray

# 178

February 15, 2014

“The new WWW”

Not so long ago, a new acronym came forth to impact lives from cradle to grave — some aspects of which were lulling to the spirit and others deadly.
Oh, sometimes, I am a bit too cynical when I say that people got what they voted for — so much the pity that is all too true.

However, there comes a time when complacency must take a back seat and all of us — to a man or woman — must forge ahead at warp speed.

Too often, a people has taken the patient view, hoping that a dangerous government will pass away and a looming election will settle the problems. Ah, if that were only true.

Despite what we would like to see, the specter of leadership fades with each passing day. Every child born today will grow to adulthood with a terrible load of debt. Opposing sides will assign blame but do little to rectify the ballooning national debt, simply voting to raise the ceiling yet again.

Well, it is high time we as voters and taxpayers step forward and raise the roof. Ground roots should be ground glass when it comes to how elected officials view us.

We cannot remain silent while all around us continues to sink into a familiar abyss — public largesse doled out to a huge number of people who look to government for their financial support. We cannot remain silent when the IRS continues to push into our lives and threaten our most basic privacy. Understand, please, that some among our Congress, want IRS powers increased. We cannot remain silent when we see our children and grandchildren increasingly more at risk.

Even polls affirm that we are on the wrong track. You would never know that if you only listen to sound bites from administration staff and spokespeople. However, it takes guts to admit to our situation. Guts, it seems, are lacking, unless it means the guts to excuse very bad decisions and poor policies only to blame any resulting problems on people who disagree.

It is bad enough that domestic life is disjointed and unsettled, but when one takes into account foreign policy that renders the United States as a non-player and an unreliable ally, then the whole scene can be seen for what it is —- perilous. Looking back at history, such a path portends collapse.

And what are we told? We hear all sorts of phrases bandied around — “phony scandals”, “right wing zealots”…. Literally, the list goes on interminably…. Blame, it seems, continues to be the standard tactic. We face a precipice of unimagined proportions. Can we, in good conscience, remain silent?

If a community organizer has pushed us to the edge of financial disaster, then we, as a community of Americans, has a moral obligation to push back. Modesty and humility are lost on this administration. We hear a lot of things, but with all apologies to the Internet community, there is one WWW we have yet to hear. I fear we will never hear it. What is it?

We were wrong…..

Think about it.

“Pen and Sword”

Friday, February 7th, 2014

By Hetty Gray

# 177

February 7, 2014

“The Pen and the Sword”

Ah, yes, the familiar phrase (sic) “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This may be in the foreign diplomatic arena, but it fails miserably in the real world.

Let’s take that inimitable sword. Why not use its sharp blade to:

(1) slash government spending

(2) cut the ropes — not strings — binding an evergrowing part of our populace to the federal government agencies supposedly entrusted to consider and aid their welfare

(3) rip apart trivial rivalries that not only undermine political parties but also slant what should be firm positions into poor caricatures of those allegedly elected to represent us and give voice to the average taxpayer

(4) rend as useless the U.S. tax code, replacing it with a flat tax and no loopholes that enables each taxpayer to do his or her taxes on a post card

(5) free the U.S. Postal Service from government control and turn it over to a private concern that must make a profit or cease to exist

(6) cut off benefits for illegals who come to this country or send their children in the care of drug cartels and criminals for the express purpose of accessing the “Dream Act”

(7) surgically remove all nepotism, donor payback and “back scratching” for anyone holding public office or managing a government agency regardless of level — city, county, state, or federal

Well, the sword exists but it rests in its sheath. Meanwhile, our present chief executive touts his “pen” as the weapon to go around the Congress. The Congress and Judiciary exist to balance the Executive. With his party controlling the Senate, many liberal judges occupying benches around the country and a mainstream press that ignores major issues, it is easy to see how this means of “Executive Action” fits his plan.

Meanwhile, the real sword shrinks. Our military readiness pales with what it was in the past. Yes, undoubtedly there are poor purchases done within the Pentagon. However, we rely on that entity and all working within its signature building for our personal safety —- to a person.

Only time and, hopefully, the fall elections will tell the tale. It is not surprising that a person that has never made a payroll or been responsible for a workforce that actually produces something finds that powerful pen more than tempting. And the ink? It’s not just fueled with green (your money), but it is also heavily tinged with red, white and blue (your freedom). Think about it.