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“Gullible’s Travels”

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

By Hetty Gray

# 217


July 15, 2015

It seems as if Rod Serling is writing the copy for our news these days. Surely this must be the twilight zone. America, the country that would never negotiate with terrorists, sitting down with the Iranian government leaders to write a deal that even Serling would recognize as science fiction.

Most of us know how we came to this point, but we worry that a good portion of the electorate has come to only view the government as a source of income and ignores the primary responsibility of protecting the American people.

Government expansion defies all common sense. It virtually has its nose in everything from what you put in your tank to what you put in your mouth. And as far as foreign policy goes, it went….

How’s that “reset button” going with Russia? What about recognizing Cuba without any mention of human rights? Add to that Iran, and all I can summarize with is that our former and current Secretaries of State fit a slightly altered title of a popular children’s story: “Gullible Travels.”

It works, doesn’t it? These two people and our president are naïve to the point of disbelief. They amass a lot of air miles; but, in all their travels, they make a serious mistake. They ignore history. They ignore history. They side step the fact that four Americans are held or missing in Iran today as we transfer billion of dollars that will undoubtedly funnel arms and aid to the terrorists that they support in Israel, Iraq, North Africa, Yemen, and Egypt. Even in the midst of the negotiations, the head of the Iranian government led the chant, “Death to America. Death to Israel.” So just what has our administration done? It has penned an agreement with a nation bent on our destruction. And so I assign them a new title, and not one of presidential appointment or assumed coronation. They are not “The Incredibles,” but they are the “Gullibles.”

I see them that way. What about you? Think about it.