The Power of the Written Word

         In the Arms - Five Short Stories
Often, a short story has as much impact as a full-length novel. Immerse yourself in the lives of children, and adults who find comfort I the guidance and love of family and friends.

It is hard to over-emphasize the central role of faith in everyday life. Now, more than ever, America needs to turn back to God. Society removed Him from both the classroom and playing field. We, as a people, are in peril and at the risk of losing all we cherish when we ignore the tenets of the Judeo-Christian belief upon which this nation was founded.

May these stories rekindle your faith and may their central messages encourage you to reassess daily life.

If you enjoy reading these stories half as much as I did writing them, I will have achieved my goal.

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         Net Prophet - 20th Anniversary Edition
When Bill Garrett played basketball for Branch McCracken at Indiana University in 1947, he broke the color barrier in The Big Ten as the first black player --- paving the way for the all the talented athletes who would follow him.

Bill Garrett remains a role model for the ages. He led an exemplary life, but the small community that nurtured him also deserves a great deal of credit.

At a time when discrimination was rampant, a small town --- in spite of the constraints of the time --- supported Bill. Teachers, coaches, and fans were all behind him.

Honor, integrity, and hard work, bolstered by his strong faith in God, enabled him to achieve personal and professional success.

As a role model for youth, Bill Garrett remains unequaled. Enjoy this book as it takes you back to the 1940s, a time when family, church and school anchored the lives of Hoosiers.

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PRISM offers readers a timeless story of love, family, and faith instilled over four generations of a remarkable Hoosier family. Chronicling the life of a committed woman, determined to inspire those around her to treasure precious farmland, the plot not only weaves together a beautiful love story between the two main characters, but it also portrays an accurate picture of progress on the
family farm.

A dependable, affordable food supply is critical to this nation, yet it may be at risk. Experience a century-long saga that poses that challenges readers to take a critical look at contemporary agriculture.
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Meet a precocious little boy who, quite unexpectedly, makes friends with a small bee. Follow Chad as he patters through his small town with --- you guessed it --- A Bee On HIS Face!A Bee on His Face
  Love to the Third Power LOVE TO THE THIRD POWER
Hetty Gray tantalizes the imaginations of her readers in a series of five short stories. Love To The Third Power, underscores a seminal message: no force surpasses love. Look for the second volume of this
two-books series in 2010.
Love to the Third Power
  The Brown Paper Sack THE BROWN PAPER SACK
A chance encounter? Perhaps, but can he be sure? Take an inspirational journey with an executive who meets an old man in the park. The mystery that surrounds the old man not only captivates the executive, but it also changes his life forever.

The Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel benefits from each book sold.
The Brown Paper Sack
  Trunks and Twigs TRUNKS AND TWIGS
A custom children's family history, each one unique, no two alike.

We will write a personlized story especially for your child. You must complete a questionaire and we will create your child's story based on your answers.
Trunks and Twigs