Where are the voices?

If you don’t recognize the dangerous tendencies currently permeating the political scene across this nation, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Complacency is fatal, and I fear that too many of us are patiently waiting the cycle out thinking that everything changes with an election. That may be all too true considering the movement to run major industries, the health care sector and student loans. Now, the banks are on the chopping block. It isn’t a party mindset; it’s a control mechanism. We cannot allow it to grow unbridled. To do so is to risk everything you hold dear.

You need not take my word for it, just talk to someone who fled from a Socialist-run country. Their words are more powerful than mine. When you’ve heard what they have to say, perhaps you will take your responsibility as an American citizen more seriously. You do count, you know. Each of us does.

People who attend non-denominational churches hear more and more strong sermons extolling the exceptionalism of America and the risk of ignoring the Socialist threat on our doorstep. These roundly independent ministers see the dangers posed by those who wish to “redistribute” wealth.

Egad? Do you know what that means? Shades of Karl Marx, folks! It won’t work, and I’d like to share a story that proves that statement.

A high school teacher recently undertook a simple experiment with his class. The first day of the experiment, he informed his students that all grades would be averaged. There would be no more individual grades.

The first week saw students working normally. However, once grades were posted, the scene was set for a marked change. The second week gave a glimpse of what was to come. High achievers didn’t put out their normal effort. After all, they weren’t going to earn the grade anyway. They felt the impact of averaging their grades with all other classmates. Over a period of nine weeks, average grades continued to drop. It wasn’t hard to see what had happened. Taking the grades from the top students by diluting them with the grades of poorer students only fueled a “slacker attitude” by everyone.
Being average has never been attractive. No sports team wants to land an “average” player. No employer wants an “average” worker either!

Targeting the high achievers in our economy in order to “level the playing field” is tantamount to insanity. Yet, that what Socialism has as its core tenet: redistribution of wealth. Lauding socialism as a viable alternative to capitalism is a lie. In the first place, socialism isn’t viable.

Socialism has ever worked for any people. After years of dismal economic conditions, socialist governments are in danger of being gleefully overturned by disenchanted and over-regulated populations.

Freedom is what people want, not government control. There is no replacement for the pride of earning one’s own way.

And just what do Socialists do when they take power? First, they remove the glue: religion. Lenin closed over 100,000 churches in Russia after the 1917 Revolution. Think it couldn’t happen here? That’s a dangerous assumption on your part. I can’t see a valid reason for ignoring this climate, but I guess that the main line churches are so afraid of being political incorrectness that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Christians are in the cross hairs. Don’t think for a minute they are not.

More and more people are decrying the push for more government control, but too many of us don’t take their warnings seriously. Such commentary is a given when it comes to those who assess the news, but they aren’t alone. Some major clergy have joined the fight. Consider the Coral Ridge Ministries of Fort Myers, Florida. They are taking strong action. They seek to inform Americans of the inherent dangers of a slide toward Socialism. May 16th, the ministry airs a special on the subject. Check your listings for the time.

Don’t cry separation of church and state. If Socialism really takes root in this country, then you won’t have to worry about that. They will separate church, but not how you might think.

Add up the numbers of dead in the wake of Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini, Tito, Pol Pot, Mao and their buddies. It’s in the tens of millions. And do we notice that taking from the “rich” and giving to the “poor” is at the heart of the movement afoot today?

The poor in America exist, but the statistics bear out that — compared to any other impoverished people on the planet — they themselves are rich. I live in a rural area, and within it are people who are perfectly capable of working, yet they receive government money and don’t turn a hand. Terms like “the rich” are used to incite unwarranted envy among many groups without the gumption to get out and work for themselves.

My grandfather’s family came to America with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. What girded them wasn’t a legacy of wealth, but a yearning to achieve and an ingrained work ethic that flies in the face of what I see today. Watch the interviews on the television and you’ll see someone complaining that they are a “victim”. The term is so overused that it is appalling.

I weary of sitting in a pew waiting for a minister to mention the dangers of Socialism. I wait for someone to say that too many seek to remove God from all parts of our lives. They’ve managed to take Him out of schools. Has that worked well? No Christian child can pray in school, yet Muslim children are allowed to pray at regular intervals. Some system, eh?

Look at history. It tells a grim story. When Socialist regimes run countries, they go after the churches. Whether Nazism, Fascism, or Communism, the pattern is the same and it should scare the bejeebies out of you.  America was founded upon freedom of religion — not freedom from religion.  Don’t be eased into deeper complacency by thinking that something like that could not happen here.

We need the standards put forth by our faith.  We need rules.  If everyone obeyed the Ten Commandments, we wouldn’t need law enforcement or armies.  Short of that utopia, we need to protect one another and protect our personal freedoms; and that, friends, begins at home.  If you have children at home, involve them in discussions.  Read the Constitution as a family and encourage your youngsters to defend it at every opportunity.

Take action. Monitor your legislators. Take speakers to task when they claim they know “what’s best for you”. When 47 percent of the population pays no taxes and entitlements are swelling like a bloated possum at the side of the road, (My apologies to the opossum as a species!) we are at risk of losing the America we love.

Pass the word. We need everyone to rise up and speak out. Don’t just think about it. Do it.

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