Do as I Say…

By Hetty Gray

# 233

October 9, 2016

“Do as I do, not as I say….”

In my book, deeds top rhetoric any day of the week. Let me begin by explaining that I have been around men all of my life. As a child, my father had a large shop full of working men. Growing up I was exposed to construction crews, plumbing crews, electricians and their helpers and a variety of others.

Men talk. They talk to one another. Often, they are full of braggadocio and tend to exaggerate when it comes to the opposite sex. Be honest. You and I both know that almost every man alive today has uttered terms far worse than the one attributed to Donald Trump in a brash release last Friday.

Why I do deem the release brash? You have heard the term “He talks a good game.” Guys stretch the truth when bantering back and forth among themselves. Getting down to brass tacks, just how many RVers have a live microphone on all the time? We certainly do not have recording equipment in our travel trailer; and, other than a computer, we have not seen that kind of equipment in anyone else’s trailer or motorhome either.

It is almost as if this Billy Bush was out to record his visitors on purpose. Why else would he have kept a recording that is eleven years old? Give me air. Do you smell something here?

So “The Donald” is crude. So what? I’ve known a lot of people who talk crudely, but they are not bad people. They just have a bad habit. Bragging. What is worse, folks, talking in trashy terms or breaking the law?

So Hillary is throwing rocks. Well, you know what they say about people who live in glass houses…. She claims to be such a champion for women, but it is she who tried to destroy the women who charged her husband with sexual assaults and rapes. As I recall, she called them “bimbos.” Rare term, huh? Add to that remarks made by those around her citing her cursing on a regular basis. Not the image she wants aired, no doubt.

She says that she is for equal pay for equal work when it comes to women, yet it is widely claimed that she does not pay the women who work for her equal to the men on her staff. How cost efficient for her….

Trump, on the other hand, hired the very first woman project manager in the city of New York. The first one! Over the years, he continued to hire women for high profile jobs and to promote many others to better jobs — with high pay. Words vs. actions yet again….

How does crude talk equate with the deliberate smearing of women wronged by Bill Clinton? It does not. Those groped, grabbed and raped by Bill Clinton were dragged through the mud. Their reputations were maligned their lives became a living hell thanks to the Great Enabler, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Face it folks, Donald may have insulted women, he may have engaged in wild and brash “man talk” with Billy Bush, but he falls far short of the record of one William Jefferson Clinton.

Clinton is known to have flown all over the world with a child molester known to have very young girls aboard for “entertainment.” Worse than talk? Yes.

Trump may have ruffled some feathers with the talk in that RV, but he did not break any laws. She signed a paper pledging she would abide by those rules, yet she did not. Hillary broke federal law by ignoring the rules of the State Department regarding her emails and the devices she carried with her. Yet she goes unpunished while a sailor who took a small photo inside a nuclear submarine languishes in jail.

Which crime is more dangerous, a photo in the hands of a girlfriend who might never show it to anyone or messages labeled Top Secret vulnerable to attack by a foreign government that would endanger our troops and put our nation at risk? Messages kept in someone’s closet in Colorado? Ask yourself that when those “holier than thou” GOP members come on TV and demand that Trump withdraw.

You think that no one among the men who are lambasting Trump has ever said a dirty word? You think that they haven’t said something as crude as that in jest among other men? Likely they have, but in a country steeped in political correctness that defies common sense, they crawl out from under their rocks and attack “The Donald” with zest. Rocks and glass houses again.

Building a great company certainly tops breaking rules. Oh, I forgot. Rules don’t apply to the Clintons.

I question the national polls as a whole. They are only as good as the questions asked and those asking the questions. I learned that in Doctoral Political Science classes at Indiana University.

If you repeat something often enough people will believe it. When it comes to the polls, that is what the media hopes. Trump does well face to face with people. Tonight will be interesting, three against one. One candidate and two biased media so called “moderators.” If nothing else, they are not moderate.

Do I care that Donald lacks decorum? Nope! Do I care that he may be a bit sold on himself? Nope. I wouldn’t give a fig for someone who lacks confidence. What’s more he exudes ability. Your vote underscores what you support. I support the Trump’s vision — an America with strong borders, known for good schools… a safe America where law enforcement receives the respect it is due… a resilient America, trustworthy to allies, feared by enemies, and put on a track to economic health and a solid future.

I will vote for Trump. And what about you? Will you vote for Donald’s VISION or Hillary’s VICE? God help us if is the latter.

Think about it.

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