232 – The Power We Need

By Hetty Gray

# 232

August 24, 2016

“The Power We Need”

Just the other evening, my husband settled down in front of the television to watch a movie roundly heralded as well worth the time. It was.

Entitled “The War Room,” this film comes from the producers of “Courageous” and other inspirational films aimed at both the stable Christian audience as well as non-believers.

Watching it, we found that it did not take long to recognize the power of this movie. Far too often individuals rely on material objects or possessions to define self — a car, jewelry, a house, season tickets to major sporting events — all empty, insufficient substitutions for what is really needed.

The genius of this film centers on a deeper level. No one of us exists in isolation. Oh, we interact with other people from birth, but we need more. Each of us needs to recognize that a higher power is in control. As much as we would like to feel that we are the masters of our own little universe, we are not. God created us. He sent his Son to die for us. He forgives us and He will receive us unto Himself if we live according to His word.

Seems like an easy plan, but it is not. Temptations abound and greed tops need as it has for millennia. Picking up the phone or using hand held computer technology does nothing to connect us to God.

There is only to reach him: prayer. Many of us have witnessed the power of prayer. Still more of us pray on a regular basis, not only at night before going to sleep but before meals to express thanks for the food that sustains us. We do so in restaurants. Even though it seems so normal to the two of us, we are a little taken back by the stares of other diners. It’s as if they had never even though of doing it.

Turning away from God is more than risky. It is deadly.

Over the past fifty years, our society has weakened and cracked — sliding toward an abyss of secular thought. Faith, labeled as a weakness and judged farcical by many in positions of authority, finds itself under constant attack.

When America took God out of the front door of its schools, Satan sprang in the back door with both feet flying. Criticism is so easy to sell. Commitment and self-sacrifice are not. Excuses eclipse responsibility and our youth despair of a better life.

Today, things have disintegrated to the degree that we teeter on the brink of losing all that our Founding Fathers sought to secure for us. The battle looms this coming November. The central question is a clear one, yet it comes with a price. Do we do for ourselves or depend on others to do for us?

Corruption at the highest levels is not new, but perhaps no time in history has it reared its ugly head as it does now. Mainstream media has an agenda, and the average voter suffers because of it. There is no objective reportage these days. There is only editorial opinion. And they use an old standard when it comes to ruining this country. Divide and conquer.

As Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Those words are seven in number, but far from lucky.

Basically, politicians hold citizenry in check by two methods. First, they mislead poor people, offering empty promises and handcuffing them with just enough financial support to strip them of their dignity and ambition. Add to that five decades of curricula taught in our failing schools deliberately edited and poisoned by a glaring lack of history, and the recipe heat up. Now the pot is ready to boil over.

The power we need is The Almighty, but He has not interceded to this point. What has He done? He armed us with free will. It is high time we used it. Pray for America. Pray we arm ourselves to take back our country and its honor, won by the blood sacrificed bravely over more than two hundred years. Beyond Prayer, is there an answer? Yes, there is.

The answer springs from the same four letters — an anagram of sorts — and it hinges on a single question. A sobering question to be sure, but the answer will not only determine our national character but also the future of generations unborn.

Do we vote for lies or VETO lies? Think about it.

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