I missed the obituary…

For years, I have lauded a particular bent of mind. Once it was a near synonym for American. Yet, now, as I sift through the morass once labeled “the print news”, I fail to find a vestige of it.

We are a hardy lot. It takes a lot to rile us. Memorable examples are the War of 1812, Pearl Harbor, 9/11…. I am waiting for the rise to action against a volley without guns — a volley launched from our own houses of Congress.

We are under attack, folks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the concept of representative government hangs in the balance.

If the environmentalists are searching for air quality, maybe they should open the closed doors of Democrat meetings within the US Capitol Building and the White House.

Leaving people out of meetings is as against the American system as anything I could name. Bicameral legislation and division of power should afford us protection against such childish practices, yet — at the present time — they do not.

Keeps those phones humming in the Congressional offices. Pound away at the fact that these people are supposed to represent you.

If I hear the phrase “we know what’s best for you” one more time, I may scream. I cringe at the prospect of the damage that could rain down on every taxpayer.

The other day I was reminded that many prices would be far lower were it not for regulation and its inherent cost. Don’t get me wrong; some regulation is not only good, but also sensible. However, I fear we are becoming a nation whose future will be stilted by frivolous regulation written by those with a very pointed agenda — taking over the nation without firing a shot.

Where is the veto pen promised by our president? Why does he continue to sign legislation rife with earmarks when he vowed to end them all? Where are the bills promised to be public on the Internet when even the members of the US Senate have not seen a bill that threatens our pocketbooks as well as our health?

Soaring rhetoric is one thing. Obfuscation is quite another. A void exists — one I never expected to witness. The precipitating event must have happened when I wasn’t paying attention.

I missed the obituary. Common sense has died. I fear that her offspring are endangered, too. I remember one writer who condensed it perfectly. Common sense died and her children, reason and logic, are terminally ill.

If there is one condition we can do something about, it’s the life of logic and reason. Remember the man who hung out the window in the movie “Network”? Would that the press would take his view today.

His scream should be yours. Recall it? “I’m a mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Go for it. Vent that anger. Melt those phone lines in Washington, DC and in regional and state offices. Write letters. E-mail. Sign on line petitions. Take a hint from Jack Webb of “Dragnet” — taking a play on words — “…. just the FAX, Ma’am”!

It’s high time the Democrats accepted the fact that nearly 70% of the American people want no part of government involvement in health care. We don’t lack health care in America. We do need a few things. First of all, we need a system that absent of huge punitive damages. Put plainly, we need tort reform desperately.

We need to close our borders and deport —yes, deport — illegals. California’s health system is crushed by their numbers. How far you do think you would get if you entered a foreign country illegally and demanded free anything? I guess few of those pushing for this mess ever thinks about anything like that.

Every day, I hear Democrats tout FDR. Do they recall that he deported huge numbers of illegals in order to assure jobs for Americans? They need to bone up on his actions. I hear them cite the Commerce Clause of the Constitution when asked how they have the authority to mandate we purchase health insurance. The Commerce Clause regulates business, folks, not individuals.

It’s time they were stopped in their tracks. The year 2010 is pivotal. We need to clean house — literally. Send these foolish representatives and senators packing.

Many people with whom I have spoken were duped by a campaign flush with dreams that delivered an administration of nightmares. You may have made a mistake with a vote in 2008, but you can cripple the current power structure easily in 2010.

The ballot box is the answer. Let’s write the obituary we have yet to see, the demise of an incessant power grab manned by agenda-driven zealots. America is better than that. Change it.

Only you can.

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