173 “Wrapping”

By Hetty Gray

# 173

December 24, 2013


Scenes replicate nationwide and all around the world. Families large and small, old and young, poor and well off delight the trimmings of Christmas.
Paper, ribbons, bells and glitter adorn gifts. Some decorate their own homes with lights. Others enjoy the lights of others in their towns and cities. It is, truly, a joyous time.

Gifts are fine, but it’s the thought that counts, though. We need to remember that we are more fortunate than many. To those who struggle year round, Christmas may be a sad time. We pray for them and donate, as we are able, to ease their circumstances. Christmas is sharing after all.

Aside from the customary gift-wrapping, we need to know that it is not healthy for us to be too wrapped up in our daily lives. That is easier said than done, however. Just taking time to rest our minds and bodies is rare enough. The chore of setting the world aside to reflect is much harder.

Would that we could wrap ourselves in the love of the Lord. His is the Love that never ends… that always forgives… that inspires and consoles….

His ultimate gift of love came into the world many years ago this night and we must never forget that the gift of Christ Jesus is the most important one of all.

To each of you, a Merry Christmas! May the Lord bless you all!

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