Welcome to IN DEFENSE OF COMMON SENSE on the web!

Welcome to the IN DEFENSE OF COMMON SENSE blog. After seven years as a non-paid columnist for The Shelbyville News, I branch out to the web to reach my readers. I thank each and every one of you who called, wrote, or stopped me in public over those seven years to tell me how much you liked my work. Such compliments not only humble me, but spur me to continue writing. “Swan Song”, the column whose rejection sparked my resignation from the paper, was written to address present legislation planned within the Congress and how I feel that it endangers our republic. Ironically, that title ended up applying to me. It was, sadly, my “Swan Song” as a columnist. Well, when one door closes, another one opens, so I am happy to stand at the virtual door to greet you. I hope you enjoy reading my work half as much as I do writing it. Welcome!

Look for a column soon!

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